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About Me

Okay, this has been long overdue, but I'm going to modify my site to *eliminate* all references to my old A-O-Hell days!

For those of you who might be interested (obviously you must be, or you wouldn't be here, right??), I'm Nancy. The smiling weenie-dog wielding brunette to your right... I'm a (No longer) single, professional woman. Psycho-Gemini - Vintage 1963. I used to share a 32-foot cabin cruiser with two obnoxious Mini-Dachshunds. Together, we managed to remain afloat on the San Francisco Bay...

My Interests

My interests include (NEW!) Gardening; (Newer Still!); Harley-riding; boating (obviously); sailing; hiking and camping (I am a camping FOOL!); fishing; SCUBA diving (with a preference for tropical locales); world travel (which goes nicely with my love of tropical diving!) - and yes, I always have my passport available. Wanna take me to Australia?! I'm game!

I also enjoy art and music of all kinds; I draw, paint and sculpt, and play a variety of musical instruments, although piano is my favorite; I'm also quite fond of horses and recently got back into them (after a 17-year hiatus). I love nature and study Metaphysics, Native American and Wiccan Spirituality, Herbalism, and other "Crystal Gazing New Age Weirdo" practices...

I enjoy corresponding with people all over the world - about boats and just about anything else so feel free to drop me a line!

New (Okay, OLD!) Stuff

As of the spring of 2001, I am keeping those stress levels outta control... I just started a new job and now I'm looking to go into debt! Be sure and snoop through my site to get the latest on QTPI's BoatShopping Adventure!

Late-Summer 2001: Okay, I lied. Well, not really... I *was* gonna buy a boat. Really, I was. In fact, I came *this* close to buying a 36-foot trawler up in Seattle - beautiful boat with *lots* of issues - but, well, Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls from time to time! Anyway, one of these years, I'll post the story of my Boat-Shopping Adventure. In the meantime, I'll be posting Rog 'n Nan's New Millenium Romance and Wedding Extravaganza Page

Update 08/22/03: Aack! I've been *really* bad about not updating this site. But I am making a minor addition today! Since I've gotten married (Aug 17, 2002!)... And become a landlubber... I've added a new interest: Gardening and (a halfway decent attempt at) landscaping. We built a pool this year, and we're going for a Tropical Theme. At some point (yeah, I know, "Promises Promises!"), I'll share the Trials, Tribulations and Joys" of installing a swimming pool. For now I'm adding a link with some random yard pictures...

Update 07/14/04: Yet another "Aack!" Ya know, when you get 'paired off' with someone - something just kinda happens to all that "spare time" you used to have! While I swore it would never happen to me... It DID!!! Anyway, I've traded in the boats and opted for Harleys instead. Will try to A) Update the Garden Link and B) Type out some stuff about my transition from Boat-Trash to Biker-Trash!

Update 07/19/05: (Looks like this is an "annual thing" with me ;-) I just couldn't stay away from boats (nevermind it took me forEVER to unload the last two!!!), I just bought myself a 16' Sailing Dink to restore!

Update 08/13/08: (Okay, maybe not an annual thing!) I'm starting a blog. QT's Random Ramblings

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