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I know there's been a lot of information in the media recently about the latest "Fad Diets." You know - those *dangerous* low-carb/high protein diets?

Well, I'm one of those people who has realized astounding success by following these diet plans!

I have struggled with my weight, literally, my entire life. My parents were heavy, my grandparents were heavy, I was always heavy - so I guess it was just meant to be, right? WRONG!

When I was in high school, my mother made an appointment with an endocrinologist who put me on a high protein diet. No sugars, limited starches, lots of lean meat and veggies. And I had quite a bit of success with that diet. In my senior year, I weighed approximately 155 lbs and wore a size 10 (not bad for a 5'8" "Big Boned" frame!).

Unfortunately, I didn't maintain those eating habits and the weight came back. Over the years, I gained an *incredible* amount of weight. But when I found myself wearing a size 24, feeling utterly hopeless and miserable, something had to give...

Add to that, the fact that I have watched my mother deal with Insulin-dependent diabetes, and the plethora of health problems that go along with it. I don't claim to be psychic, but I'm *thinkin'* that I'm seeing a rather unpleasant future ahead if I don't start making some changes. Like NOW!

A colleague of mine introduced me to the Atkins Diet. She and her husband had been experiencing success on it (she was losing weight, and her husband's cholesterol had dropped dramatically). My initial reaction was "No Chillini's?!" (a sugary, frozen, coffee/chocolate concoction - MUCH better than Frapucchinos) "No MILK?!" "NO CHOCOLATE?!!!" and finally "No WAY!!!"

Well, last February I found "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution" on the sale table at Borders. "On sale? Hmmm... I guess it can't hurt to READ it..."

Read it, I did. And the more I read, the more it began to make sense... Especially his explanations of the insulin response to carbohydrates, and how my high-carb/low-fat way of eating was basically programming me for diabetes...

"No hunger? Eat as much as you like?" And as I read it, I realized that this was *almost* the same diet that my endocrinologist had put me on so many years before. Except that now - with the internet - there were many more resources for support and LOTS more tasty things to eat!

Dr. Atkins suggests trying the diet for 14 days. Heck, I can commit to that. So I gave up my beloved Chillini's, and broke a 35 year Milkaholics addiction. I ate all the *legal* foods I wanted, never felt hungry, found my cravings for sweets had (almost) disappeared completely, and LOST WEIGHT!

And there were other benefits as well. I used to have *horrible* indigestion problems. So bad, that I was on prescription medication. After starting Atkins - No more! My skin problems have disappeared. My energy levels have improved dramatically, as has my attitude, in general.

As of November 1999, I have lost 60 lbs and am over 50% to my goal, I'm wearing size 16's (for the first time in over 15 years!) and I haven't felt better!

This is just a brief recap of my experience with Atkins. Just to show off, I'll post some "Before" and "During" pictures (LOL - Hopefully soon, I can even post some "Afters!").


The picture on the left was taken on Halloween, 1998. I can't remember how much I weighed, all I know is that it was too much! Actually, this picture is not at my fattest, since the bodice of this dress didn't always meet in front! Scary, huh?!

The picture on the right was taken in September 1999. When I went to the Renaissance Faire this year, I was very pleased to find that my old costume, literally, hung off of me! So I had to make a new one! "Oh Darn!"


The picture on the left was also taken in 1998. I really had to look to find older pictures of me, because I'd never let anyone near me with a camera!

The shot on the right was taken on Thanksgiving Day 1999. I'm thinking that I'm not so bad looking after all! ;-)

There are other low-carb diets out there (Protein Power, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, to name a few). There are believers and detractors to just about every method of weight loss, and Low-Carb may not be for everybody. But it works for me!

Anyways, there are LOTS of websites devoted to Low-Carb living, with dramatic and inspiring testimonials to this "Way of Eating" (we don't call it a diet, because we want to embrace it as a way of life). I thought I'd share some of my favorite links.

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