[DANTE]Meet His Majesty

Well, if you read through the TerraLuna page, you'll know that I was deeply touched by having had the opportunity to try to rescue an unwanted filly. And, even though her loss was tragic, I had an underlying sense that something *good* would come from it all...

I do tend to get wistful at times, and believe that where there's hope and a positive attitude, abundance is sure to follow... At least that's always held true for me. Maybe I'm just blessed... Or maybe there really *is* magic in the world! Whatever it is, I'm certainly not gonna upset the Cosmic Balance 'cause it sure seems to be working for me!

Shortly after losing Terra Luna, my vet happened to mention that she had another client. A woman with a horse that was looking for a home. Of course, after losing Luna, I was a little hesitant. In fact, I felt almost guilty for even considering trying to *replace* her. But the more I thought about it, the more I began to think that - maybe - this was "Meant to be."

So, I called Annette the following day. She explained that she had a Rescue Horse. A 17 year old Thoroughbred gelding, 17 hands tall, a former School-horse - trained (she believed) in dressage - who was "a handful" to ride. She described him as a "big puppy dog" but emphasized that he needed an experienced rider. Was I an experienced rider? Well, I *was* an experienced rider about 20 years ago! We chatted for awhile and made arrangements for me to come up and meet him.

I'll be honest. When I went up there, I really expected to see some broken down old hack of a horse, sway-backed and mean-spirited. But when I met him, I was pleasantly surprised. He was gorgeous and healthy, sleek and Oh, sooo tall! All the horses I'd ever worked with in the past were less than 15.2h, and I'd always dreamed of someday owning a 16+ hand Thoroughbred. I was speechless!


I'd have to say it was "Love at First Sight." I just couldn't get over how beautiful he was, and he fell for me immediately too (or maybe it was the carrots?!)

In our previous conversation, Annette had mentioned that "Dee" was barn-sour and hadn't been ridden in months. I hadn't actually *planned* on riding him, but I did pick up my saddle on the way - "Just in case!" Well, we ended up saddling up and going for an hour long trail-ride (of sorts, actually, we rode along some of the backstreets of Santa Rosa). Annette was right, he certainly *is* a handful! He has a tendency to spook at... Well... Leaves on the ground... Parked cars... Grazing cattle a quarter of a mile away... Fluffy clouds... Truthfully, there's no rhyme or reason to it! He just decides he doesn't like something, ducks down about 2 feet and jumps directly sideways! Thankfully, my riding skills - while a bit rusty - were still basically intact, and I managed to stay on him!

And as I rode him, I got a slight sense for what he could do. He gave to the bit willingly and easily, and had lovely head-carriage. And I began to realize that what this horse needed most was some consistent handling - with a rider he could learn to trust. Of course, as we continued to ride, I also found myself thinking "She can't *possibly* be giving this horse away! He is just too nice!" and I began stressing about how on EARTH I could come up with the money to buy him (after paying off all my vet and feed bills)!

When we got back to Annette's place, we unsaddled and started grooming. She explained that "Dee" was her husband's horse, but that he really didn't ride anymore. He was too tall for Annette, and too much horse for her kids. While I continued to brush him, he was all over me, nuzzling me to show me where he wanted to be curried, and Annette stood there in amazement. "I've never seen him act like that with anyone else!" And she explained that she'd been trying to find a home for him for quite awhile - but just couldn't find the right match.

So... I mustered up the courage to ask the important question: "Uhhh, well, I LOVE him... And... Well, I was wondering how much you wanted for him?"

"All I want is for him to go to a good home."

So with that, and a teary-eyed hug from both of us, Dee (now Dante) became mine!

[Ohh the GLAMOR!]

Dante stayed up at Sherry's place in Santa Rosa for a few months. But now he's moved closer to me. I've got him at a Self-Care barn in San Bruno - 7 minutes away from me! I'm up at the crack of doom, every morning, shoveling sh** and loving every minute of it! (nothin' like a steaming pile of horse manure to get you going in the morning, eh?)

Anyways, I am happy to say that the Cosmic Balance has been restored, now that QTPi has a horse again!

Update 02/09/07: Dante has moved on to a new home. Ever since I got married, I've had limited time for "extracurricular stuff." Dante had - more-or-less - been adopted by a lady at the barn. She took over most of his care and, over time, he sorta 'became' her horse. She recently bought some horse-property up in Marysville (appx 2-3 hours from here) and wanted to move her horse, and Dante, to her new place... So we decided that Dante should become "her horse."

It was tough, letting him go, but it was all for the best. Tracie loves him more than anything - and I *know* he's gonna get the Retirement he deserves! So, unfortunately (for IMQTPI) - but fortunately (for Dante) he has moved on to a new home... I KNOW he's gonna get the love and attention he deserves!!!

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